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6 Shocking Realities of the Secret 'Troubled Teen Industry'

Fight and Flight: A beating by peers after staff left the room. Chaos during class. A bold bid for freedom, ending in prostitution. Three tales of residential care.

Harsh Treatment: Residential treatment centers are supposed to provide a safe, healing environment for young state wards and disadvantaged children. But a Chicago Tribune investigation finds many are harmed instead.

Sebastopol teen injured at treatment facility

Inside Woodside Center: A Teen’s Solitary Story

An Oregon School for Troubled Teens is Under Scrutiny

The ‘Troubled Teen’ Torture Industry – A Primer for Newcomers

Exposing WWASPS camp abuse

Losing Erica: Cynthia Clark Harvey Doesn’t Want Anyone Else’s Child to Die in a Wilderness-Therapy Camp

My Parents Had Me Abducted and Sent to a Mormon Treatment Centre

Three WWASP Programs in Two Years at 15 Years Old

Why California’s Conversion Therapy Ban is Only the First Step

In God’s name: Unlicensed religious children’s homes

My Personal Experience at Cross Creek Manor

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